International Phytobiomes Conference 2015

June 30, 2015 - July 02, 2015


Washington, DC, USA



Session: How far have we come in understanding phytobiomes?

Assembly and role of microbes on above-ground parts of plants
Steven Lindow, University of California, Berkeley

From micro environment, to microbial envelopes; Role of insect microbiomes in plant-insect communication
Cristina Rosa, The Pennsylvania State University

Finding and optimizing soil microbes for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability
Daniel Schachtman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Populus microbiome: Progress and limitations of our understanding of microbiome community structure and function over space and time
Christopher Schadt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Session: Establishing the breadth and relevance of phytobiomes

Drivers of plant microbial community composition
Susannah Tringe, DOE Joint Genome Institute

Symbiotic drivers of plant adaptation: Reprograming plant physiology for agricultural sustainability and food security
Rusty Rodriguez, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies

Fungal volatile organic compounds: Overlooked novel effectors controlling fungal interaction with plants?
Ningxiao Li, The Pennsylvania State University

Session: Lessons learned from recent microbiome and systems biology efforts

Modeling soil microbial communities using artificial neural networks
Marcio Lambais, ESALQ, Brazil

Analysis of the maize leaf microbiome across 270 diverse maize lines
Jason Wallace, Cornell University

Prospects for the soil microbiome and sustainable intensification
Richard Conant, Colorado State University