International Phytobiomes Conference 2018

December 04, 2018 - December 06, 2018


Montpellier, France



Session 1: Exploring Interactions within Phytobiomes

Eoin Brodie, University of California, Berkeley, US
Deciphering the signatures of niche adaptation in soil microbial communities

Paolina Garbeva, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NL
Deciphering belowground microbe-microbe and plant-microbe chemical communication
Abstract Slides

Charlotte Tollenaere, IRD, FR
Multiple infections in rice from West Africa: mechanisms, epidemiological and evolutionary implications

Jonathan Adams, Cranfield University, UK
Soil fungal diversity in grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau: Is it driven by plant diversity and productivity?
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Morgane Ourry, INRA, FR
Deciphering Brassica napus-microbiome associations in interaction with root herbivorous insect Delia radicum: a feedback loop in the rhizosphere
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Emily Luna (presentation by Jan Leach), Colorado State University, US
Insect-Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Microbiomes of russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) contain bacteria that increase virulence to wheat

Lionel Moulin, IRD, FR
Comparative transcriptomics of the wheat response towards diverse partners of its microbiome

Session 2: Integrating Phytobiome Systems-based Knowledge

Sally Flis, The Fertilizer Institute, US
Using 4R nutrient stewardship to optimize soil and plant health

Lilach Iasur Kruh, ORT Braude College, IL
The phytobiome of a unique ecological system: parasitic weed and its host plant

Jay-Ram Lamichhane, INRA, FR
A conceptual framework to better understand interactions between seedbed abiotic and biotic factors under the influence of cropping systems and their overall impact on field crop establishment

Session 3: Phytobiome Engineering

Angela Sessitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT
The plant microbiome from lab to field

Aude Rochefort, INRA, FR
Influence of environment and host plant genotype on the structure and diversity of the Brassica napus seed microbiota

Leo van Overbeek, Wageningen University, NL
Human pathogens in plant microbiomes

Gwendolin Wehner, Julius Kühn-Institut, DE
Breeding for priming triggered leaf rust resistance in barley

Session 4: Applying Phytobiome-based Solutions for NexGen Agriculture

Surya Saha, Boyce Thompson Institute, US
AgriVectors: a portal for plant diseases transmitted by insect vectors

Trevor Charles, University of Waterloo, CA
Microbiome dynamics during enrichment culture on ACC as nitrogen source: relevance to controlled environment agriculture

Session 5: Transforming Phytobiome Discoveries into Products

Natalie Breakfield, NewLeaf Symbiotics, US
M-trophs for sustainable agriculture

Richard Broglie, Pivot Bio, US
Reimagining crop nutrition

Steven Vandenabeele, Aphea.Bio, BE
An integrated technology pipeline for the development of superior agricultural biologicals

Andrea Molt, BASF, DE
BASF – A chemical company mastering the challenges of biologicals