Valérie Verdier

Role in Phytobiomes Alliance

Coordinating Committee, Sponsor Representative


Institut de Recherche pour le Développement


Plant Pathologist; Head of the Plant Pathology Unit, IPME; Head of the Scientific Department ECOBIO (Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning)

Research Interests

  • Plant/microbe interactions (on tropical crops)
  • Molecular plant-microbe interactions
  • Plant disease resistance
  • Epidemiosurveillance in Africa
  • Capacity building


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Current Phytobiomes-related Projects

  • Virulence of pathogenic bacteria to rice and cassava plants – We are studying how bacteria associations function to infect their host plant, the evolution of races over time and space and the effect on the deployment of disease resistance genes.
  • Diseases resistance – We are characterizing resistance genes. We are studying how cultural practices, temperature impacts resistance using rice and cassava and associated bacterial blight pathogen as a system.
  • Diagnostic tools – We are developing tools for rapid and simple diagnostic of plant pathogenic bacteria
  • Use of beneficial bacteria to increase crop productivity for farmer’s benefit