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Fernanda Amaral

Joyn Bio

R&D Scientist


Joyn Bio is bringing synthetic biology to agriculture for better ways to feed the world. An independent company backed by agriculture and synthetic biology leaders Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks, Joyn engineers microbes to improve naturally occurring processes like nitrogen fixation, bringing growers more reliable solutions for crop protection and nutrition without the environmental tax. Joyn Bio brings together leading scientists with diverse backgrounds at its two sites in Boston, Massachusetts and Woodland, California.

Joyn Bio and the Phytobiomes Alliance

“Joyn Bio was founded to bring about the next wave of innovation in sustainable agriculture through the intersection of plant sciences and synthetic biology. The Phytobiomes Alliance values align perfectly with our vision to find new, sustainable ways to feed a growing global population – we look forward to partnering with this community.”

Mike Miille, CEO of Joyn Bio