The Fertilizer Institute




Peyton Harper

The Fertilizer Institute

Senior Manager, Stewardship and Sustainability Programs


The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) is the leading voice of the fertilizer industry, acting as an advocate for fair regulation and legislation, a consistent source for trusted information and data, a networking agent, and an outlet to publicize industry initiatives in safety and environmental stewardship. Our mission is to represent, promote and protect the fertilizer industry through the following strategic initiatives:

  • To foster a prosperous fertilizer industry through legislative and regulatory activities at the federal, state and local level
  • To effectively address issues impacting TFI member companies
  • To share knowledge about the fertilizer industry with members, government and the agriculture industry on issues related to fertilizer and the farm economy

The Fertilizer Institute and the Phytobiomes Alliance

“Properly managed fertilizers support cropping systems that provide economic, social and environmental benefits. On the other hand, poorly managed nutrient applications can decrease profitability and increase nutrient losses, potentially degrading water and air. Understanding how fertilizers behave in the phytobiome is a component of making the right fertilizer source, rate, timing, and placement decisions in each field.”

Sally Flis