Horizon Europe-funded MICROBES-4-CLIMATE project kicks-off today

Today marks a significant milestone, MICROBES-4-CLIMATE (M4C), a project under the Horizon Europe programme, officially kicks-off its ambitious journey. Bringing together 31 dedicated partners (including the Phytobiomes Alliance) from 13 countries, this groundbreaking project seeks to unravel the intricate interactions between soil, microorganisms, plants, and the environment.

The primary goal of MICROBES-4-CLIMATE is to elevate our understanding of this vital network. It is envisioned to provide the researchers with an unparalleled, integrated network of infrastructures, fostering collaboration and amplifying collective knowledge on this crucial subject. Each institution brings its unique expertise, contributing to the multidisciplinary approach that sets M4C apart.

MICROBES-4-CLIMATE has a duration of 5 years in which the consortium is committed to upscale the share of invaluable data, transcending borders, and accelerating progress in environmental science. Microbial biodiversity, soil health and fertility, plant microbiome, crop productivity, and climate resilience are just a few of the focus areas that will be explored.

The kick-off meeting takes place on 20 & 21 February 2024 in Braga, Portugal.

The Project is Coordinated by MIRRI-ERIC.

For more information, please visit the project page