Karyosoft joins International Phytobiomes Alliance

The Phytobiomes Alliance is pleased to announce that Karyosoft has joined the organization as a sponsoring partner. Karyosoft is a genomics startup company that accelerates time to market, improves genomics data integrity, and decreases cost for data driven ag-biotech innovations.

We are honored to join the Phytobiomes Alliance team. Because Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies are getting cheaper, scientists, on one hand, get the opportunities to discover novel microbes, microbial community and their interactions, but on the other hand, face challenges to manage and mine this “genomical” amount of sequence data. Transforming this big data into novel innovations rapidly make a huge impact in agriculture, human health and other areas of life sciences. By becoming a part of Phytobiomes Alliance team, Karyosoft gets an opportunity to change the world using microbial genomics data,” says Rajesh Perianayagam, Karyosoft Founder and CEO.

Rajesh Perianayagam will represent Karyosoft on the Alliance Coordinating Committee.

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