Phytobiomes Alliance Newsletter – August 2021

In this August newsletter issue, we put the focus on several events of interest for the Phytobiomes community.

In our fall webinar series starting in September, you will hear about genome-based classification for regulating microbes; algae, meat quality and climate change; BORGS (intrigued?); and strategies to combat a devastating root disease in wheat.

We also secured exclusive discounts for participation at several international events (virtual, hybrid or in person) addressing the topics of sustainable agriculture, food security, ag-tech innovation, indoor farming and biocontrol. Do not hesitate to take advantage of those discounts.

Alliance Webinar Series

All webinars are free to attend and are scheduled at 11am Eastern, U.S. Time. Recordings are posted subsequently to the Alliance YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an upload.

Upcoming webinars:
Past webinars (since the last issue of the newsletter):

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Phytobiomes Conference – New Dates !

Upcoming Phytobiome-related Events

For updates, check the event calendar on the website.
If you are aware of an event on phytobiome-related topics and if that event is not listed on the website, please let us know.
We developed a set of standards slides about phytobiomes, the Alliance, its goals and priorities. Contact us if you wish to receive those slides in PowerPoint format to add to your presentations.

Media Partnership

Future Ag: Sustainable Goals, 14-15 September 2021, San Diego, CA, USA

As you know the world of Agriculture is changing. To keep up with this change, come along and be part of the future joining us at Future Ag: Sustainable Goals on 14-15 September 2021 in Hilton Mission Valley Hotel | San Diego, CA, USA.

Don’t miss out on the 2 full conference days dedicated to sustainable agriculture initiatives, and disruptive technologies to accelerate and excel your agri input solutions & digital technologies:

  • Trends & future innovations that will disrupt the market
  • Biomes and biologicals
  • Investment in AG. Hear directly from Pontifax AgTech & other leading experts in this space
  • Precision AG & the role of agtech innovations
  • Soil health and the plant microbiome
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Dealing with drought
  • Robotics in ag

And lots more!

Understand the perspective of farmers and growers as well as the industry and technology providers. To meet new people within Biocontrol, Soil Microbiome, AgTech and Precision Technology be sure to register by this Friday, 13 August to lock in the $200 early bird savings.

Phytobiomes Alliance members can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount by using the VIP Code NAIFA21IPA at registration.

Kellye Eversole, the Alliance executive director, will make a presentation “The Future Of Farming And Agriculture: Connecting Plant Health, Crop Protection And Agtech Communities” on Wednesday 15 September at 4pm PDT (to be confirmed).

Media Partnership

Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit, 17 September 2021

The Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit, an event supported by APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security, aims to bring together world leaders both in the government, private sector and NGOs, to address on an urgent basis, the criticalness and fragility of the global food system. The global food crisis has now been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, exposing the structural weaknesses in the global food systems.

Topics to be Shared at the Virtual Summit:

  • Global Food Security – The Next Frontier in the Agriculture & Aquaculture Industry
  • Food security And The Sustainable Development Goals – Addressing Food Security, Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture By 2030.
  • World Food Supply Chain: Disruptions And Implications From Covid-19
  • Fireside Chat: COVID-19 Has Caused Food Insecurity To Worsen, But Will Climate Change Be Much Worse
  • Creating A World Food Chain Monitoring System – A Much Needed Solution?
  • Artificial Intelligence For Food Security – Robotics, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Security And Engineering For Farms Of The Future.
  • Food Security And Waste: Lessons From The Pandemic.
  • Refocusing Agri-Food Tech To Solve Today’s Critical Problems – The Task Of Feeding 10 billion People By 2050 Sustainably, Affordably And Nutritionally
  • Reducing Food Waste Across The Supply Chain: From Retailers To Consumers. Preventing Food Surplus. New Models Of Redistribution. Tools To Measure And Monitor Waste
  • Financing The Future of Food – Financing Sustainable Food Technologies: Accelerating The Adoption Of A Sustainable Food System. Scaling-Up Start-Ups Offering Disruptive Food Technologies.
  • Assessing Threats To Food Security And Sustainable Agriculture.

Check out the agenda and the speaker line-up, and attend the event.

Media Partnership

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, 28-29 September 2021

The Phytobiomes Alliance is pleased to support the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, an event connecting the global agri-food ecosystem on 28-29 September.

Over 800 industry leaders will turn up the heat on essential conversations around sustainable inputs, climate-smart production and technology convergence in London and online.

Watch industry visionaries debate in live panels before they host small group roundtable discussions on business-critical issues, where you can tap deeper into their knowledge and share your own experiences with like-minded delegates.

Save a further 10% with Phytobiomes Alliance’s Discount Code: PHYTO10

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Indoor Ag-Con, 4-5 October 2021

Heading to the Hilton Orlando, Florida, on October 4-5, the 2021 edition of the premier trade show & conference for indoor, vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture offers the ideal opportunity to step away from that computer screen and onto our expanded expo floor to see live product demonstrations…Touch new products…Ask questions and gather feedback from company execs and peers.

Our show floor will highlight the latest in everything from lighting and growth chambers to seed treatments, hydroponic supplies, substrates and more.  And, our extensive conference program brings together 70+ speakers, including top CEOs, academics, thought leaders and change makers.  Topping it off, networking events like luncheons and show floor cocktail parties make it even easier to meet new friends and make invaluable business connections.  Learn more at and register today!

Benefit from an additional 20% off on the already discounted Early Bird registration rates with Phytobiomes Alliance’s Discount Code: PHYTO2021.

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Global Biocontrol Summit, 13-14 October 2021

Global Biocontrol Summit (2nd Edition) – A Strategic Discussion on the Commercialisation and Technological Developments of Bioproducts

Following the resounding success of its inaugural Global Biocontrol Conference, Wisdom proudly announces the Global Biocontrol Summit – 2nd Edition to be held virtually on 13 and 14 October 2021. The summit will focus on the significant growth of the bioproduct market over the past few years and will explore the crucial role of technology in sustainable agriculture.

The event will have key industry representatives and experts from biocontrol, biostimulant, and biofertilizer sectors for insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions, practical sessions, and open discussions. It will be an excellent platform for the attendees to gain a deeper knowledge, share ideas and proposals, and connect with industry professionals for profitable collaborations.

Key Topics:

  • Analysis of the European, and North & South American bioproduct markets with an international context
  • Building a successful regulatory framework for the commercialisation of bioproducts
  • Innovation and new technologies impacting the bioproduct sector
  • Funding and investment opportunities for SMEs
  • Methodology, product evaluation, and application
  • Sustainability – crops, products, and environment
  • Application of bioproducts by farmers
  • The role of digital agriculture and precision farming in sustainable agriculture

The summit will count on six advisory members from leading organizations like Vise Organic, Atlántica Agrícola, INBIOAR, BioConsortia, Inc, Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture, and Biovegen, and 20+ expert speakers.

Register today to avail special discounts on your purchase. The Early Bird offer ends on 16 August, 2021. Visit

Phytobiomes Alliance members can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount by using the Code Phytobiomes10.

Media Partnership

Biostimulant World Congress, 29 November – 2 December 2021

Announcing the Biostimulants World Congress as a Hybrid Event for 2021

To best meet the needs of both traveling and stay-at-home audiences, this year’s flagship Biostimulants World Congress will be delivered as a HYBRID event running from the 29th November till the 2nd December, 2021. (On the 29th we will have a workshop running plus our welcome cocktail reception – the main conference days will start on the 30th!).

This hybrid event format provides a live experience at the Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood hotel in Florida (just outside of Miami), along with digital experiences that showcase all of the content from the live event with additional keynotes, panel discussions and meeting scheduling to be fully inclusive to those unable to attend in person.

At the Biostimulants World Congress we will be exploring several scientific themes to help you understand the latest breakthroughs being accomplished.

SESSION ONE: Biostimulants the Microbiome and Soil Health
SESSION TWO: Biostimulants and Plant Stress Tolerance
SESSION THREE: Biostimulants, Nutrient Use Efficiency and Product Quality
SESSION FOUR: Application Technologies
SESSION FIVE: The Future of Biostimulants

Register by 20th August and Save $300.

Plus, you can get an additional 10% discount as a member of the Phytobiomes Alliance. To claim the 10% discount, use the VIP Code: NAIBSWC21IPA

Come together with key biostimulants industry professionals, put yourself at the forefront of leading discussions and gather pioneering insights to enhance your biostimuants development.

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