Alberto Piaggesi

Role in Phytobiomes Alliance

Coordinating Committee, Sponsor Representative




Global Head Biostimulants Research, Syngenta Biologicals

Research Interests

  • Plant & Soil Health
  • Biostimulant & Biofertilizer sectors
  • Abiotic stress and water management
  • Plant-soil-microbial interaction
  • Omix sciences: Transcriptomics, Phenomics,…
  • Microbial identification and characterization
  • Seaweed




Current Phytobiomes-related Projects

In the complex context of the effects of climate change, scarcity of fundamental resources and low land yields, the global agriculture is called on to become constantly more productive and efficient to produce additional food for an ever-growing world population in a sustainable way.

Syngenta Biologicals replies to this global challenge by putting the best of its innovation and science at the service of farmers worldwide, helping them to “do more with less”. The best ideas born from our research become prototypes. Formulated in the laboratory, they are tested by careful experimentation and are subjected to strict testing in the open field, in different areas and environmental conditions.

Using this approach, we created the GeaPower® technology platform, a systematic approach for the development and production of Biostimulants, which leverages on a combination of technologies, processes, know-how, and trade-secret knowledge.

In this protocol, chemistry, formulation development, microbiology, plant science and omics sciences are integrated on a long-term experience basis and used to transform useful active ingredients into effective Plant & Soil Health solutions that meet the expectations and needs of the farmers.