Richard Broglie

Role in Phytobiomes Alliance

Microbiomes Working Group


Pivot Bio


Chief Technology Officer

Research Interests

  • Understanding the beneficial associations between plants and their microbiota to improve agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability
  • Application of genomic technologies and computational modeling to fine-tune the complex regulatory circuits involved in bacterial nitrogen production and assimilation
  • Application of non-invasive and high-resolution spectroscopy to measure crop nitrogen status at field scale for product development
  • Development of innovative microbial stabilization and formulation technologies for agricultural applications


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Current Phytobiomes-related Projects

Pivot Bio is developing and commercializing root-associated microbes that can supply fixed nitrogen to non-legume crops. We remodel the complex regulatory circuits involved in nitrogen production and assimilation to optimize ammonia production and excretion in free-living diazotrophic bacteria and evaluate their performance across multiple cereal crops. Our goal is to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with microbial solutions.