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Angela Sessitsch

Austrian Institute of Technology

Head of Unit Bioresources


The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is Austria’s largest research and technology organization, employing about 1,300 people working on the development of the tools, technologies and solutions for Austrian industries that are of utmost relevance for the future.

About the Unit Bioresources

The Bioresources Unit of the Health & Bioresources Center headed by Dr. Angela Sessitsch investigates the ecology and functioning of soil and plant-associated microbial communities by using genetic, genomic and metagenomic tools, and applies high-end molecular techniques for the fast and reliable detection and identification of environmental microorganisms. The Unit has a long-standing experience in analyzing plant microbiomes, soil-plant-microbe interactions as well as in bacterial and fungal genetics, genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics. AIT hosts a large strain collection of plant-associated bacteria, which is explored for the development of novel biological control agents and bio-fertilizers. Particular activities are dedicated to the development of new application technologies and formulations.  The Unit combines high scientific proficiency with extensive experience in the coordination of national and international research projects as well as contract work.

Austrian Institute of Technology and the Phytobiomes Alliance

“AIT has a strong interest in understanding the diversity and functioning of plant microbiota with the aim to develop novel approaches to improve plant performance as well as to predict plant traits from microbiome characteristics. The Phytobiomes Alliance strengthens public-private partnership and represents a powerful network to advance and innovate this field.”

Angela Sessitsch, Head of the Competence Unit Bioresources