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Natalie Breakfield

NewLeaf Symbiotics

VP of Research and Discovery


From the moment they’re planted to the day they’re harvested, crops face challenges.  Environment, insects and disease all fight against them, making it harder to grow to their full potential.  It’s a tough life where the unpredictable happens. Crops can survive on their own, but they don’t flourish without support.  Farmers do everything they can to help their plants grow despite the conditions that get in the in the way.  And, if they could harness nature to do the job, they would.  But choosing unfamiliar products promising better, more natural ways to strengthen their plants comes with a worry that they won’t live up to expectations.  That they might do more harm than good – especially to the bottom line. But there’s nothing more familiar to plants than the products the Earth provides.  We just need to find the best versions of them, and unleash them for the benefit of all plants.

At NewLeaf Symbiotics we’ve found that answer in a family of native-to-plant microbes called m-trophs. Our product Terrasym tailors unique strains of m-trophs to the unique and varied needs of different crops. Terrasym creates a partnership with the plant by infusing it with the m-trophs that fit it the best. And they stick around throughout the plant’s life without requiring the plant to expend energy to benefit from them.  The result is a sturdier plant able to absorb more nutrients and flourish.  All because of native microbes designed to unleash the strength already inside the plant.

NewLeaf Symbiotics and the Phytobiomes Alliance

“NewLeaf Symbiotics is proud to be part of the Phytobiome Alliance. By providing the framework to facilitate industry-academia partnerships, they accelerate the search for increased understanding of how to use the phytobiome to enable sustainable production of food, feed, & fiber. Their approach to research aligns with our focus on strength and best fits.”

Natalie Breakfield