“Phytobiomes Research for Plant Health” workshop – ICPP 2023

August 20, 2023

Organized in collaboration with

Matthew Ryan, Curator, Genetic Resource Collection, CABI, UK




Lyon, France




Having healthy plants is key to providing food security for the 9.8 billion people expected by 2050. But crops are facing many challenges, among them climate change and an increased exposure to biotic and abiotic stressors, such as pests, poor soil quality, low water availability and excessive heat.

In order to make agriculture more productive and sustainable, we need to study plants in their biological, physical and environmental contexts, i.e. the “Phytobiome”.

Phytobiomes research – a new, cross-cutting, multidisciplinary, holistic approach – focuses on the complex interactions between plants, microorganisms, soils, climate, environment, and management practices.

In this workshop, we will showcase examples on how phytobiomes science can provide solutions to produce healthy plants to ensure food security for future generations.


  • €50 for ICPP2023 Congress attendees
  • €100 for non-ICPP2023 Congress attendees (satellite event only)
  • Lunch not included