Miscellaneous Roles

Kirsty Bayliss

Murdoch University

Australian microbiome projects, Coordinating Committee, Microbiomes Working Group

Davide Bulgarelli

University of Dundee

Coordinating Committee, EU Innovation Project CIRCLES

Paul Cotter

Teagasc Food Research Centre

Animal Microbiomes Working Group, Coordinating Committee, EU Innovation Project MASTER

Linda Kinkel

University of Minnesota

Agricultural Microbiome Research Coordination Network (RCN), Coordinating Committee

Johan Leveau

University of California, Davis

Coordinating Committee, Phytobiomes Journal

Christophe Mougel


Coordinating Committee, French Phytobiomes Network

Surya Saha

Boyce Thompson Institute

AgriVectors consortium, Coordinating Committee

Brajesh Singh

Western Sydney University

Coordinating Committee, Global Crop Agri-Microbiomes Initiative